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On the road with Aidan: delivering joy to refugees

31 March 2020

Aidan test-runs the JRS Emergency Response scheme & paves the way for more to follow


Morning prayer call: a source of hope

26 March 2020

Nick reflects on the daily video call that joins the JRS community together in prayer.


Standing with refugees means calling for urgent action

19 March 2020

The current outbreak is particularly troubling for the refugees we serve, writes Sophie


International Women’s Day 2020

08 March 2020

We asked some of the women at JRS UK about their experiences & hopes for an equal future.


London Marathon: 10 Questions with Andrea

05 March 2020

We sat down with Andrea as she prepares to run the London Marathon for JRS UK


Asylum in the UK: surviving in the hostile environment

04 March 2020

Claudia Bonamini shares what she learnt about the UK Asylum system during her visit to JRS UK


Random Acts of Kindness Day 2020

17 February 2020

To mark the day, Aidan explores some of the rewards & joys that spontaneous kindness can bring


Legal Blog: What happens when you claim asylum?

13 February 2020

Michael looks at the steps those seeking asylum in the UK must follow & the barriers they face.


“Everyone should be a JRS host!”

31 January 2020

Miko, one of our volunteers, shares his story of hosting refugees at his home


“Mixed-emotions and surreal feelings”: a visit to a Detention Centre

21 January 2020

Jo Biernat recounts the moving experience of her first visit to Harmondsworth & Colnbrook IRCs


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